Last edited April 15, 2018

Hi. My name is Judith (pseudonym). I’m 26 years old and my sobriety date is May 9, 2017. My MAJOR problem was alcohol, though I struggled with other things, too.

I’m just a gal, living in the city, trying to find my way through life without the use of alcohol and drugs. When I use alcohol and drugs, things like personal hygiene, family and friend relationships, self-care, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. go completely out the window along with my self-worth, positivity, and enthusiasm for life.

Alcohol brought me to my knees. Alcohol caused me to have thoughts of ending my life. Alcohol is my demon, and I want to bring this demon to the light to shrivel and DIE A HORRIBLE, SLOW, TORTUOUS DEATH.

This page is intended for me to share my sober thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. In no way do I represent any organization, sobriety program, or political party (though I do make posts related to all three, I am not representing any one of these institutions).

This page is also intended for me to keep myself accountable through social media. It’s a place for family and friends to read about what my life used to be like if they wish to do so. It’s a chapter in my book of life, one I want to revisit when I feel like it. I hope to meet some people via the internet who can relate, and who can share this experience with me. I would absolutely love to help just ONE person in their journey with my story.

You’ll find journal entries, letters, prompts, stories from past and present, and me self-reflecting on daily life.

Also, my grammar is not perfect, I do apologize if it’s distracting. Most or all of the posts I’m going to make are in progress or incomplete, because everything in recovery is always in progress and incomplete. There is no finish line.

Other than my life as a recovering alcoholic/addict, I’m also a volleyball coach, Online Marketplace Manager, daughter, and friend. I am passionate about politics and making the world a better place. I love to eat and cook, especially tacos. My Instagram feed is full of cats, dogs, kangaroos, bunnies, and koala bears. I like to be trendy and fashionable. I’m a perfectionist, which isn’t SO bad… it serves me well in some areas of my life. My favorite time of day is early morning with coffee and a cigarette. My favorite shows to date are: Westworld, Big Little Lies, Imposters, Wentworth, The Handmaid’s Tale, among others. I love to read and learn new things about myself and the world around me. And all of this is possible because I choose to live life without alcohol.


If you find you can relate to my thoughts, please feel free to contact me.


If I give encouragement, hope, and strength to just one person, or if I make someone feel like they are not alone in the journey of recovery, like they can possibly do this thing, or if I give a parent, spouse, sibling a sense of what it’s like to be in the alcoholic mind, then my purpose has been served.