It’s My Time to Shine

Welcome! Welcome to my living, breathing, somewhat public journal.

I started this blog for so many reasons; but, most importantly, I needed somewhere to place and leave my thoughts, to be revisited only if I wanted. I needed a place where I could update family and friends about what’s going on in my life and in my mind. In doing so, I wanted to help at least one person on their journey. Here’s my original post about the intentions behind starting this blog.

I heard it put into words in the most random of places, at an outdoor play I went to this summer (2018) about the Hawaiian meth culture. The playwright left a note in the program booklet, and I’m going to directly quote it because it’s perfect:

[In writing], I found myself no longer consumed with the burning need to satisfy my addiction. I found myself in a place where I could work through it. Although not one person can truly be free of addiction, it’s a choice we make every day to be better. I want the people… to know that our choices matter and our choices affect every single person in our lives.”

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